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GUI Improvements for free text search sequence fetcher



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      Following on from tried GUI improvements to the free text search sequence fetcher in JAL-4036, further improvements could be made.

      When the autosearch checkbox is de-selected, changing the index dropdown still causes an automatic search. This is unexpected and possibly annoying behaviour if you're not used to it.
      However, disabling the autosearch (when autosearch is de-selected) when changing the index dropdown causes confusion for people who are used to it, leading to a belief that the displayed results are for the un-run search term and index being displayed when in fact they are for the previous search.
      This confusing state of affairs is also currently the case when the search term is changed and autosearch is de-selected.

      Suggested improvements:
      - Add a [search] button that is enabled when a new search can be run, and disabled when the search results displayed are for the current search being displayed (e.g. enable it when enabled autosearch would normally run and disable it otherwise).
      - Add the query text for the displayed result set to the title text that has the results position in the result set or somewhere else (e.g. tooltip for the "Search Result" tab).
        e.g. "UniProt Sequence Fetcher - results 1 to 500 of 93,920 for query 'keyword:toxin'"
        or tooltip "Search Result for query "keyword:toxin" on the Search Result tab.
      - The previous [<<] and next [>>] page buttons are often hidden by the Search Result/Customise Displayed Options tab panel if the FTS pane is not large enough for them not to wrap.
      - In linux, the help button displays "..." instead of "?", this could be fixed.


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