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Find box should be managed by gui container for associated alignment viewport



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      Currently, the Find dialog in the application searches for the topmost alignment frame after the find button is pressed.

      Kaya Huseyin has provided a minor patch that allows the find box to work without doing this, by explicitly associating it with the viewport and panel that spawns the dialog box. This should be considered for the 2.5 release : see below for Jim's reply:

      Hi Huseyin.

      Thanks. I can see why you've done this but I think it changes the usability of the find box slightly. The idea is that once the find window is open, it works on the viewport with the current input focus, rather than the window it was opened from (which can be useful sometimes!). I'll take a look at the implications in the near future, but one will certainly be that the find box will need to be explicitly managed by the gui component handling the associated viewport (ie raise events should be propagated to it, etc). However, there are some input focus contention issues with the find+overview windows anyway that also need sorting out, so I'll deal with them all at once :)

      thanks again!

      On 20/01/2010 15:12, Huseyin Kaya wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I realized that jalview.gui.Finder queries desktop's internal frames to see
      > if it can find an alignment data to search in. However search box is fired within
      > an AlignFrame, so there is no need for that. I changed a line in AlignFrame.java
      > and did couple of minor changes in Finder.java.
      > Change in AlignFrame.java:
      > public void findMenuItem_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
      > {
      > new Finder(viewport,alignPanel);
      > }
      > I had to make these changes because i use a customized component
      > extended from AlignFrame. And this component lives in a different JDesktopPane
      > which doesn't want to know much about what its internal frames are doing.
      > Sincerely
      > Kaya


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