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Review new features in install4j10 and install on build server



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      Install4j 10 has been released. It might be prudent to at least wait until 10.1 is released to start using as there is usually a fairly quick bugfix release shortly after a new major release (waiting to do this will probably not be an issue)! We are not currently desperately needing any new features.

      The changelog at https://www.ej-technologies.com/download/install4j/changelog.html is:

      New features:

      •Support for Windows on ARM
      •Support for Apple App Store submission
      •"Add a Windows firewall rule" action
      •Undo/Redo functionality for all modifications in the install4j IDE
      •Support for default values for bean properties with a gutter marker for non-default values and a context menu action to reset the default value
      •Static configuration of file associations and URL handlers for macOS
      •Optionally global single instance mode
      •On Windows, the per-user single instance mode now optionally covers all active sessions
      •Configurable Unix desktop file settings for external launchers
      •When building on Linux/macOS, the existing file and directory modes can now be used
      •Detection if JREs are headless on Linux machines to avoid failures for installers and GUI launchers
      •If only a headless JRE can be found on Unix/Linux, force headless mode for the installer
      •Unified logging for background updates with the -Dinstall4j.updateLog=true system property for launchers
      •"Schedule update installation" action: Added a "Retry inhibition in minutes" property to make the inhibition time between failed installer invocations configurable
      •Improved documentation for auto-update functionality and background downloaders
      •"Change Windows file rights" and "Change access rights for a key in the Windows registry" action: Added an "Access mode" property to grant, set, deny or revoke rights. Previously rights could only be granted.
      •Dark mode for documentation
      •"Hyperlink URL label" and "Hyperlink action label" form components: Added a new property category "Hyperlink label" to make font and link colors configurable
      •"Read text from file" action: Added a "Save as string array" property
      •"Stop a service" action: Added a "Minimum wait time in ms" property to make the timeout configurable
      •Find installed Microsoft, Azul Zulu and Temurin JREs on Windows
      •Screens, actions and form components that have a comment are now shown with a comment badge in the configuration tree
      •Show number of configured version-specific VM parameter entries in the "Java invocation" step of the launcher wizard
      •Added an optional dialog for editing launcher VM parameters and version-specific VM parameter entries in the "Java invocation" step of the launcher wizard
      •The icon compiler can now create ICNS icons with Retina images
      •Support for switching between light and dark mode on the fly in the IDE
      API changes:

      •Added WinServices#stop with a timeout parameter
      •Added com.install4j.api.windows.WinFirewall for programmatically configuring Windows firewall rules
      •Added com.install4j.api.beaninfo.ActionBeanInfo#setWindowsOnly to tell install4j that an action will only run on Windows. The install4j IDE will take this into account when changing properties of the "Request privileges" action based on the value set with ActionBeanInfo#setFullPrivilegesRequired.
      Bugs fixed:

      •"Replace text in XML files" action: With Java 10+, there were additional empty lines after element nodes
      •Launcher configuration: "Additional content for .desktop file" and "Options for service launchers" were not included in the project report
      •In the Java search sequence, the newest matching JRE in the registry was not always used
      •Adoptium was not the default JDK provider for new projects
      •macOS: Notarization is now more resilient against temporary failures of Apple's infrastructure
      •Fixed a memory leak when running custom installer applications in a new process multiple times
      •Code editor had wrong cursor offsets in multi-monitor setups where some monitors have integer scale factors
      •Per-user MSI uninstaller did not work correctly without an already installed per-machine MSI that was created with install4j
      •MSI files did not work without a configured publisher entry

      but also see https://www.ej-technologies.com/products/install4j/whatsnew10.html




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